The Ecosystem for Energy Efficiency in Mauritius

The ‘Programme National d’Efficacité Energétique (2015-2018) is based on an original partnership between the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and Business Mauritius with the technical and financial support of the Agence Française de Développement, the European Union, Switch Africa Green and the Human Resources Development Council. Its objective is, through the protection of the environment, to allow businesses to make substantial savings on their energy bills and to become more competitive; and in the long run to encourage the emergence of a high-quality energy efficiency market.

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Jocelyn KWOK

Director of the Association des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs de l’Ile Maurice (AHRIM)

“This association does its best to promote sustainable tourism by creating awareness and engaging with its members in terms of the actions to be taken to preserve our environmental and ecological wealth in Mauritius. We started our awareness campaign on energy efficiency in 2008 and I think that today, with the PNEE, we have reached a remarkable national level with the participation of many hotels in the project.”


Lilowtee RAJMUN

CEO of the Mauritius Export Association

Companies involved in the Seafood and Textile sectors in Mauritius are energy-intensive. The energy costs of those companies represent between 10% and 15% of their costs of production. That’s the reason why members of the MEXA have long since taken measures aimed at reducing energy usage by engaging the services of world renowned consultants and by introducing advanced technology. At the level of the association, the term Green Economy is understood in its broad sense. It’s a matter of taking...

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Mickaël APAYA

Energy and Environment Project Manager of Business Mauritius

During the design of the PNEE, Business Mauritius has undertaken a pilot project on steam system in 2014 with 8 companies. Now, on this specific project, 4 additional companies participated in the audit and if we include the boilers of the textile project, this make a total of 15 boilers which have been audited. And out of these15 boilers, 4 of them run with coal and 11 with heavy fioul oil. It is in the interest of the companies to...



Technical Assistance – PNEE

Compressed air is a source of energy which is being used in many industrial companies and this, whatever the sector: Agro-industry, Processed food, Plastic, Textile. This is a process that generally has strong potential energy savings, not only in the production of compressed air but also in the distribution system and in the uses of compressed air.

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Catherine GRIS

Executive Officer – Association of Mauritian Manufacturers

The local industry is a key pillar of the economic development in Mauritius. It represents 10.5% of our GDP or 64% of industrial GDP and more than 55,000 employments; more precisely 20,000 jobs in big companies and 35,000 jobs in Small and Medium Enterprises. This is the reason why AMM has taken up the subject of energy efficiency in partnership with Business Mauritius to devise a regional cooperation programme with the Reunion Island industries which gave rise to the Programme...


Mickaël APAYA

Energy and Environment Project Manager of Business Mauritius

“A request for proposal was launched in December 2015 targeting the Retail sector at the national level. Business Mauritius then registered 6 partner companies to this project. They were keen to cofinance 40% of the energy audit, the rest being taken over by the European funds through the Agence Française de Developpement. Further to the audit report, the Human Resource Development Council supported financially the total costs of the capacity building programme delivered by the auditors.”

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Jacqueline Sauzier

Executive Secretary – Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture

The Sugar Industry is undergoing a total transformation on a global level. Today, the sugar production represents 3% of our country’s GDP. The abolition of sugar quotas has resulted into the saturation of the European market by the beetroot sugar producers. We must therefore take action locally. One of the subjects which we have examined recently is the reduction of our production costs linked to irrigation. Knowing full well that the energy used nowadays to irrigate more than 16,000 hectares...

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Technical Assistance – PNEE

“The technical visit, first step of the process, allows the drafting of the technical specifications for each of the partner companies. The technical assistance team then engages into a consultation to recruit experts having a deep understanding of the production of solar water heating while being able to meet the pre-established exigencies. The quality norms can also be met by the technical assistance by the re-examination of the audit report and of the training needs.”

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2017 Anneé de l'efficacité énergétique à Maurice

The year 2017 has been placed under the theme of energy efficiency by Business Mauritius with the organisation of 8 breakfast meetings from April to November. The objective was to create a space for dialogues between the largest number of companies, consultants and suppliers based on the energy audits completed. About 80 persons met each month to discover the project feedback and discuss about the solutions to be implemented subsequently.

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Energy Efficiency in enterprises is a pillar of Business Mauritius’ energy transition dynamic